Friday, October 29, 2010

Please Pray For The Needs In Senegal

October is always a difficult month in this part of the country. People have labored long and hard through the rainy season and not had enough nutrition. Malaria carrying mosquitos are still rampant, though we are pleased that about everyone uses mosquito nets for sleeping. Older folks suffer in the heat and humidity. In the past three weeks there have been six deaths and at least one more is imminent. Two elderly, two infants, one child of ten, and a father of four who was about 40.

Yamde Jaata 70s
Jéere Saajo’s baby boy 1 year
Samba Saajo 70s
Landing Mansaal 10
Méeru Jaata’s baby boy 1 month
Jutala Maani 40

That last one was tough because I took him out (unconscious) to the local clinic for an exam, but because of his dire condition the brothers were advised to take him home as it would not be wise to spend money (also scarce at this time of year) by going on to the hospital because he was going to die anyway. Sure enough by midnight he was gone. I say it was tough because when we drove back into his compound the wailing began even though he was still alive at the moment.

We pray God will use these circumstances to wake people up to the truth of his Word. I had an opportunity to share frankly with the religious leader who did the funeral of this last fellow mentioned. We also try to implore the families to not be dwelling on their traditional belief system that says the unexpected deaths were acts of sorcery. We get the facts of the illnesses and suggest practical, physical means that can be taken for healing and prevention. Mostly it falls on deaf ears.

Thanks for praying. Dave and Tippy McKee

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