Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jwaye Nwèl! Joyeux Noèl! Happy Christmas!

Despite the tremendous challenges of 2010, Haitians can still sing God's praises. Radio 4VEH continues to reach Haitians with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ through simple transistor radios. Here are a few highlights from the Radio 4VEH ministry:

  • Broadcasted messages after the earthquake like, "I'm alive" and "I'm still looking for..."

  • Reaching those wounded in the earthquake as they recovered -- one woman who was paralyzed with no friends or family around her listened to Radio 4VEH everyday and it became her lifeline.

  • Teaching listeners about the dangers of cholera, how to prevent it, and how to get treatment through life-saving messages.

  • Proclaiming around the clock to Haitian cities, towns and villages, the best news of all, that God so loved the world that he sent Jesus. News of great joy continues through Radio 4VEH.

If you would like to donate to Radio 4VEH to further advance the gospel through the air waves, visit the One Mission Society web site: Use the express donations option if you would like to donate before year-end. Your gift will help broadcast farming advice, health advice, school programs, and the message of Jesus to almost one million people in Haiti.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Haiti Has Been So Good To Us!

Year after year, people from Grace Church make the journey to the island of Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. We go to help were we can, to love the people and learn from them. There is a unique wisdom that comes from living in dramatic poverty. People have to be creative, resourceful and not lose hope. The Haitian people have taught us so much and we appreciate them dearly. Here's an old video of one of our teams serving on the island. Thank you Haiti, we'll see you again in March.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pat Silvis--News From Mexico City

My Faithful Family and Friends,

How much is one human life worth? What would you sacrifice in order to see a loved one become closer with Christ? What does it look like when Jesus saves a life?
November flew by for me, and these are some of the questions that have really impacted me this past month. Issues regarding life, death, and history have been big themes in most of my ministry areas, and God has really stretched my idea of who He is and what He wants to do in Mexico.

We’ve been studying Filipenses (Philippians) in Spanish. Paul talks about being able to do everything through Christ (ch. 4), in good times and bad, and I’ve learned more of what that means for me here, through illness and stress as well as great friends and amazing experiences (like seeing the National Balet Folklorico. Our team also took a much-needed prayer retreat to Tepotzlan in early November. It was a wonderful time of prayer, scripture meditation, and fellowship. One of the big takeaways for me was the importance of knowing God and spending time with Him—He promises to meet us when we seek Him!

My deepest appreciation for your prayers and support.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Campus Crusade For Christ Plays a Role in the Chilean Miners Rescue Story.

If you’ve seen photos of the Chilean miners’ rescue a few months ago, most of the miners were wearing a t-shirt with “Gracias Señor” i.e., “Thank You Lord” on the front. The shirts, along with MP3 players (with the Jesus Film and the Bible in audio), were gifts from Campus Crusade for Christ Chile. Psalm 95:4 in Spanish was on the back of the shirts.

Christian Maureira, national director of Campus Crusade for Christ Chile, explains, “The idea was to glorify our Lord and also to express our love and concern for them. The men listened to the dramatized story-telling of the JESUS film several times, despite dust, rocks and water falling due to the rescue effort. They received many gifts but they decided to wear our t-shirts and we praise God for this. I was really excited because a lot of people around the world were [watching the rescue]. They gave the glory to God!”

Maureira also told about José Samuel, the spiritual leader of the miners, and how God answered their prayers: “During the first seventeen days when the men had no contact with the surface, some of the thirty-three men began to wonder, why didn’t God kill us right away? Others wrote letters to be read in the event of their death. Hope was slowly vanishing. On the sixteenth day of being trapped, despite the men’s attempts to ration, the food box was empty. [Remembering] Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish, José led the men in a prayer, asking for the box to be full of food by the next day. The next day the probe made contact with them and rescuers were able to send the miners food. It was a miracle, a glorious moment.”
Campus Crusade for Christ staff use both traditional and innovative strategies to reach people today. We are excited to be a part of a ministry that is open to new opportunities to share the Good News. This past year, for instance, Sus has been encouraging our staff women to embrace technology as a ministry tool. Unfortunately, a significant portion of her time was taken with medical appointments; thank you, especially, for asking God to heal her eye. Please also pray that no new medical needs turn up this next year so Sus has more time freed up for ministry and pray that the Lord supplies the funding we need for more than $5000 in extra medical expenses.
Through your faithful partnership with us, we are able to help key staff members, like Christian Maureira, who gives glory to God for the opportunity He provided to minister to these men and to show the world how He answers prayer.

Serving Christ with you,

Mike & Sus Schmitt CCFC