Friday, September 10, 2010

Grace Church Around The World!

Thank you so much for visiting our site. This will be our temporary home for missions until a more suitable site is constructed. Please take some time to get acquanted with the amazing people we support locally, nationally and internationally here at Grace. Below each profile is the sending organization that our missionaries work with directly. These sites will paint and even bigger picture of how they are impacting cultures globally. Check back regularly for updates, news on what's happening across the globe, some of our local outreach opportunities and encourgaments from our team members. Welcome!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dave & Tippy McKee - Serving in Senegal

Since the 1980's Dave and Tippy McKee made their life in Africa, ministering to the Balanta people who live in Senegal, West Africa. Today, they serve in the Balanta Church, with believers ministering to people that they live with. They've also learned the Balanta language which helps to serve the needs of the church by translating God's word into Balanta. Practically, they teach bible lessons so that the Balanta people can live their life on these foundations and reach out to other Balanta people. Dave and Tippy serve through

Email Dave and Tippy at

Phil & Linda Gottschalk - Teaching in the Netherlands

Phil & Linda have been training students and potential church leaders since 1986. Right now, they are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where Phil is an Associate Professor of Aplogetics and Philosophy of Religion at Tyndale Theological Seminary. He is also Chair of the Theological and Historical Studies Division. Phil teaches students in English as they work towards a Master in Evangelical Theology or a Masters of Divinity. Students are from 56 countries and 6 continents, allowing them to train the multicultural students in ways that equip them for missionary service around the world. Many of the students go on to be pastors, church planters, evagelists, and teachers in bible colleges in their home countries. Before coming to Tyndale, Phil & Linda discipled international students while Phil worked towards his doctorate from 1995 - 2000. Their very first assignment set the stage for their teaching hearts, where they served in the former Yugoslavia as part of the Easter European Bible Institute as they trained church leaders from 1986 - 1994.

You can contact Phil at or Linda at or catch them on Facebook.

The Kuvshinikov's - Serving in the Ukraine

The Kuvshinikov's (Michael, Diane, Audrey, and Linday) look warm here, but spend many cold winters in Kiev. Michael travels with Ukranian evangelists to hold evangelistic outreach in outdoor markets and he is a mentor to several students at the School in which he serves. Diane is a coordinator of the SEND Language Program, where outside students learn the native language through local teachers. Lindey is in school on the enjoying her season on the basketball team. Audrey just finished her semester in London and is back at Houghton with a full academic schedule.
The Kuvshinikov's work through SEND International; P.O. Box 513; Farmington, MI 48335. You can also reach them at

Erica Thompson-Serving In Haiti

Erica Thompson comes to OMS International eager to serve and well qualified to be a missionary teacher in Haiti. She graduated from Indiana State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and has gained teaching experience in several Indiana schools, as well as teaching English as a second language in Mexico. Erica says, “I am excited about how my varied experiences have prepared me to contribute to the Lord’s work in missions.”
After teaching for a year in Mexico, Erica returned to the U.S. to raise funds for another year in Mexico. During this deputation time, God gave Erica the opportunity to substitute in Haiti for three weeks. While there, she prayed that God would meet the teaching needs of the Haiti field for the next year and for obedience to His will in her own life. She watched as God closed all doors to Mexico and opened the door to Haiti. He had called Erica to stay in Haiti. In Haiti, her primary ministry is teaching at Cowman International School. Cowman serves a two-fold purpose: 1) To provide American-standard Christian education to missionary children, while freeing their parents to pursue ministries that reach Haiti for Christ, and 2) To provide an English-speaking education alternative to children of Haitian business people and to expose this otherwise “hard-to-reach” segment of society to both the missionary community and to the Gospel of Christ. Erica’s teaching ministry plays a vital role in reaching these goals. For her personal ministry, Erica visited different churches in Haiti for nearly a year before God answered her prayer to find a church where she could build relationships with Haitians and have a consistent influence for Christ. God led her to Smyrne Church at Flavil. Most of the congregation in this small church is between the ages of 18 and 35. They are growing spiritually and witnessing to the community. She feels blessed to serve with this church family. Erica is among those seeking revival for Haiti through prayer. She gives glory to the Lord for this burden and for the hope she has for her students and for the nation. She is eager to return to Haiti as a career missionary with OMS International.

For more info on OMS International go to

Kate Zlotnicki- Serving in Haiti

OMS missionary Kate Zlotnicki is a retired public school teacher from Pennsylvania, serving the Lord in Haiti as a teacher of missionary children and other English-speaking students at Cowman International School. After visiting Haiti on two short-term mission trips in 2002 and 2003, she sensed God calling her to return to teach full time, and she returned to Haiti in September, 2003, to teach at Cowman. She finds teaching the small, multi-grade level classes at Cowman to be an invigorating challenge and a great joy. She enjoys working closely with the children and seeing them develop and mature in their faith. For the last two years, she has also taught English as a second language to young adults in the community four afternoons a week, using materials that feature Scripture as the basis of reading. She is encouraged to be planting seeds of God’s truth and trusts the Holy Spirit to bring a harvest in His time. On Sundays, she attends a local Haitian church, and she has enjoyed developing relationships there. She is involved with the children’s church, teaching the Bible story one Sunday a month. Kate has three grown sons in the U.S. and six grandchildren. She delights in visiting her family each summer when she returns to the States for a few weeks during the school vacation. The rest of the year, she feels blessed and privileged to be serving in Haiti.

For more info on OMS International go to

Bud & Jane Dennington- Serving in Haiti

The Denningtons are from the small town of Waterford in Pennsylvania. Bud has served the community as a volunteer fireman and both he and Jane serve in local missions with their church.
Bud worked as an Ironworker for over 30 years. He is very gifted when it comes to working on vehicles and fixing things with his hands. Jane has had several jobs in business and also served as a paramedic for 6 years. Presently she runs her own business as a commercial seamstress. Her gifts are administration and organization. Bud grew up in a Christian family. Jane was adopted by a Christian family at the age of 16 and accepted the Lord just prior to that.

The Denningtons have been married 37 years and are blessed by 3 grown daughters and 11 grandchildren. Bud and Jane always felt that missionaries had to be pastors, Bible scholars, doctors, nurses, or other professionals. They felt as though they were the ones that God called to support His work financially. Through two trips to Haiti with Men for Missions the Denningtons experienced what foreign missions is really about. After the second trip Bud and Jane realized God was calling them to missions full time. God is not looking for perfect people who can do it all. He is looking for people who are willing to use the gifts He has given and willing to learn at His feet with an open heart. Bud will be serving as maintenance and construction. Jane will be serving in hospitality and teaching English. We are happy to serve the Lord where ever He asks. Today it is in Haiti.

For more infomation about OMS International go to

Follow Bud & Jane daily on their blog:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Steve Cable - Teaching English in Thailand

Steve, his family and many other just celebrated the complete ownership of a new building in Bangkok that serves as a school and a place of worship. Steve serves through the Baptist General Conference/Converge Worldwide Thailand and through his leadership, and the support of many people, they were able to build a new school in 1995. Because of this building, they are able to run first-rate English outreach programs in the 10 classrooms. The new school attacted over 10,000 students in it's first 4 years -- each one of these students hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the English stories that they teach. In addition to teaching English, this new facility is rented by other organizations and this additional money has gone to suppport one of the Thai members studying for ministry in Azusa in Los Angeles who will return to Thailand as a church leader. They money has also helped to support a minsitry in Phang-Nga, not far from where the 2004 Tsumani hit. They've been able to support a number of other ministries as well.

They are looking for short-term and longer-term English school teachers at the Peace Fellowship Church, Bankok. Contact Steve at for more details and an application.

Shirley & Terry Snyder - Giving to China's future leaders

Shirley and Terry spend their days caring for staff members of the China Outreach Ministries. China Outreach Ministries reaches out to Chinese students in the United States with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Over 70,000 of China's best are studying in the United States. These could be the future leaders in China. The potential impact that these future leaders could have is mind boggling. Since 1988, China Outreach Ministries has been sharing Christ to future leaders. Over 44 staff connect with students over 35 campuses. Through this ministry, they care for the basic needs such as language barriers, the cultural adjustment and services relevant to the scholar along with helping them discover the Christian truth. Just last spring, Terry and Shirley refreshed the staff at the annual Staff Conference in Valley Forge, PA. They also added 12 new staff and commissioned them. When you think about Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiao Ping, two young leaders that brough Marxism back to China in the 1920's, this ministry could have a powerful effect.

Learn more at: or contact Terry or Shirley at

Dr, Cornell (Corkie) Haan - Planting Churches and Connecting People

Dr. Cornell Haan, known as "Corkie" currently works as the National Facilitator of Ministry Networks for the Mission Ameria Coalition/The Lighthouse movement. With a passion for prayer, he co-founded The Presidential Prayer Team and also serves as the Vice President of the World prayer team. Corkie spent a number of years leading seven different churches as senior pastor. Corkie loves people and serving the Lord, so it is no surprise that he has also been involved with launching ministries including The National Coalition of Men's Ministries and most recently began Kingdom Connections, which connects ministries to resources that they need. He also supports several other ministries including City Vision, Erie County Association of Evangelicals, Christian Family Services, Home for the Homeless, Set Free Ministry, and Bradenton Bible Conference. Corkie's leadership talents have touched many ministries. Corkie was happily married to Marcia Jean for forty years until her death in 2002. In 2005, he married Virginia (Ginger) Galloway.

Luke & Gretchen Raughley - Serving in the inner city of Fresno

Luke and Gretchen heard about World Impact when they were students at Penn State. World Impact ministers God's love to the inner city of America by empowering the urban poor with Christian character, academic excellence, and self confidence. Churches are planted and the gospel reaches the unchurched, developing disciples and leaders to advance the kingdom of God.

Luke had felt called in high school to minister in the city but ran the other way. Gretchen also had to pray about it quite a bit before feeling like this is something that God wanted. But in 1988, they joined World Impact's Chester, Pennsylvania minsitry and moved to the Fresno location in 2000. In 2005, Luke became Fresno's City Director. In this role, Luke leads the staff and is also involved with and adult home fellowship. Gretchen enjoys time with their children, Elizabeth, Caleb and Emma. She home schools Caleb and Emma. She also takes part in woman's ministry and home fellowship.

What do they think some of the highlights of serving with World Impact? "Where else can you be jumped over by a skateboard, worship, pretend to be a blind catepillar, hear four different languages, talk about how God's church is for everyone and see teens leading their peers?"

To learn more about World Impact, go to or Contact Luke at

Jay and Lori Quirk Serving With Christar

Christar workers in North America focus their ministry on reaching first-generation immigrants and refugees from Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and other Asian backgrounds by using their mother tongues. These first-generation people are the ones most “unreached” by North American churches because of cultural and linguistic barriers.
Outreach is concentrated in areas where there are significant pockets of these people. Presently, there are Christar missionaries in the greater New York City area, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, the greater Washington D.C. area, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, and Lincoln, NE, as well as in Hamilton and Calgary in Canada, ministering to the people of India, Iran, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Kurdistan and other parts of the Arab world. More workers are needed to minister among least-reached people groups in these cities as well as in many other cities and metropolitan areas in North America. Jay is the proud son of our own Pat and Rose Marie Quirk.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

An annual rite of passage for millions of families is Operation Christmas Child, the shoebox ministry managed by Samaritan's Purse bringing hope to disadvantaged children around the world.
For more than fifteen years, families across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries have had a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of less fortunate children across the globe. Through the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization headed up by Franklin Graham, Operation Christmas Child has delivered more than 46 million shoeboxes filled with toys, personal hygiene items, booklets, school supplies, and other items not readily available locally to many of the recipients. What started out as a relatively small campaign to help homeless children in Romania has expanded into one of the largest relief and evangelical programs of its kind. It isn’t too early to start thinking about how you and your family can participate – Operation Christmas Child is your opportunity to impact young lives as well as demonstrate to your family the real meaning of Christmas: giving.

Grace Churches Kathy Schriefer plays a very significant role in OCC here in the Northeast!

The Gideons International

It's been just over 100 years since The Gideons International placed the first Bible in a hotel room in Montana. Today, The Gideons are organized in more than 190 countries around the globe. Bibles and New Testaments are printed for distribution by The Gideons in more than 90 languages.

Through God's grace and to His Glory, more than 1.6 billion Bibles and New Testaments have been placed by The Gideons, and the work continues. . .

City Mission

As a Christian, non-profit organization, the Erie City Mission provides quality services and care that restores individuals, families, and communities impacted by the effects of addictions, poverty, homelessness, and lack of hope.

The Erie City Mission is a Christian social outreach program created in 1911 by the famous evangelist Bill Sunday. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania the Mission encompasses two buildings at 1017 and 1023 French Street. The Mission has many programs to serve the local community and continues to expand its care programs.

Chaplains Ministries Erie, PA

Chaplians Ministries stands in the gap between those who have no church affliliation and the Christian community. They provide maitial counseling leading up to marriage, funeral services and counseling. They truly act as chaplains to the community.
Awareness Ministries is an organization that demonstrates Christ's love in the city of Erie and beyond with passion, excellence and devotion. We strive to influence, empower, and educate through programs designed to address the root cause of today's social problems.

Our passion as a ministry is to make a difference in every life we come in contact with. We want to be available to be used by the Lord. Our desire is for God to touch people through our hands; to love people through our lives.

It doesn’t matter where those we reach come from. They may come from a good family situation, or a bad one. They may come from a situation of abuse or a nurturing environment. They may have low self-esteem or good confidence. It doesn’t matter. Our aim & our objective is to demonstrate the love of Christ with all of those we come in contact with.

Women's Care Center

The Women's Care Center of Erie County, Inc. has been serving the Erie area for more than 25 years. It began in 1982 as a small, downtown storefront office and is now one of the largest multi-faceted pregnancy resource centers in the nation, serving over 3,000 clients yearly as well as thousands of students in the school system through educational programs. We provide our services free of charge in a compassionate, thoughtful and confidential manner.

The Women's Care Center is a life-affirming pregnancy resource organization serving the populations of Erie County, Pennsylvania and the tri-state region. We have six branch offices throughout Erie County, as well as a medical services clinic, and adoption agency (Adoption By Choice), an education division (WC2ed) and two upscale resale clothing locations (My Sister's Closet). We are dedicated to helping young women and families in pregnancy crisis, as well as to education to help young people avoid the risks and consequences related to premarital sex.

WCTL 106.3FM

Grace Church has proudly partnered with WCTL 106.3 FM for many years. The station represents the Kingdom of God in Erie and surrounding areas 24 hours a day with Contemporary Christian music and sound Bible teaching. For more details go to: