Wednesday, November 10, 2010

News from Erica Thompson in Haiti.

The brother of the former pastor of Flavil, Pas. Schubert, died this AM (Tues.) with Cholera. Yesterday, it was reported that there were 10 Cholera deaths in Cap. More now... The funeral will be Sat. afternoon, so I will try to go. Please pray for the family, as this was Pas. Schubert's only brother. I don't remember his name, or know his age, but I am certain he was relatively young. It is very sad how quickly it is taking lives. It seems that so many personal hygiene habits (bad mostly) need to change, which requires a mindset change too...not always easy. Pray for those living so closely together in Cap. It seems to spread fast and little indication that one is infected until it is so advanced. God knows...shocking! PRAYING for Haiti to get a break!!



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