Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chronicles of Narnia Opens Door to Talk about Faith

Mike and Sus Schmitt, who are missionaries through Campus Crusade, are Narnia fans and admit it. Mike and Sus Now they found other fans who are using the pre-press release buzz created by the Dawn Treader movie to host lectures and open the door to talking about Christianity.

At Utah State. Members of Campus Crusade for Christ and Faculty Commons, a ministry to professors, hosted a lecture attracting 220 faculty and students. Dr. Christopher Mitchell of Wheaton College described C.S. Lewis's spiritual journey from an atheist to a Christian. The event receive a such a positive response that atheists and non-Christians students are now talking to Campus Crusade for Christ's staff about the gospel. And forty-five Christian students took copies of C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity asking God for Courage and for opportunities to give the books to their professors.

Like many U.S. campuses today, the British university environment when Lewis was a professor at Oxford, was already skeptical and even scornful about Christianity. In light of this, Lewis influenced his students for Christ, but knew that he could reach more through his writing. The Chronicles of Narnia have never been out of print and are popular worldwide, selling over a million copies per year. And the Narnia movies have exposed millions more to Lewis' work.

The life of C.S. Lewis is just one example of the impact professors can have on society. Mike and Sus are grateful for those who support goldly professors who help to influence young people through their own faith.

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