Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pat Silvis Proclaims God's Love in Mexico

Just in from Pat Silvis, a member of Grace Church, serving in Mexico City.

Pat and his team work to educate Autistic kids and their familiies. They recenlty had a great therapy session for autistic kids. The kids and parents learned together and had a lot of fun.

After a few set-backs, they were able to hold several concerts to promote their latest CD, "Amor is Love." It's a mix of Spanish and English songs, poems, and missionary testimonies. The proceeds benefit Mexican missionaries.

The church team put on a Valentine's dinner for married couples to fundraise and the results were amazing. Over 30 couples attending the dinner and the fundraising was successful as well. Several of the couples were not Christians, and after a pastor spoke, one couple and their son accepted Christ. Pat's Honduras team of 9 also participated in evangelism training and drama practices. They could use your prayers as they conduct a skit to raise money.

Pat is also learning about the importance of prayer and fasting and he's been learning quite a bit about theology and leadership. Pat's also had several meaningful conversations with Mexicans about poverty, justice, and the Gospel. Through an experience of seeing a woman dig through a trash bin, he was able to talk to his host brother, 9-year-old Aaron, about poverty. He also acknowledges that God is true love and that he can't love God's people without Him; at the same time, he feels that if he doesn't love people, it shows that he doesn't love God.

While Pat boasts of God's goodness, it's also been a tough month. A member of their Spearhead team left unexpectedly for the States, his host dad is currently unemployed, and many Honduras leaders are facing difficult personal/financial situations, and arranging flights for an upcoming trip has been a challenge. Pat asks for prayer in an upcoming trip to Boston on May 5 -12, where he will lead a team of young adults.

Pat is very thankful for the donations, cards, emails and prayers. He feels your support!

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