Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chaplains Ministries Erie, PA

Chaplians Ministries stands in the gap between those who have no church affliliation and the Christian community. They provide maitial counseling leading up to marriage, funeral services and counseling. They truly act as chaplains to the community.


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  1. Pastor Mike has been encouraging me to start a blog and I decided that this is a excellent time and place to start. Chaplain's Ministries was started 10 years ago, and now has had two growth spurts. The first one was when I followed Mike's advice and advertised in the phone books, and this year we had another one. This prompted Shirley and me to seek out two other ministers to help with the need. I think that we will be featured as the Mission of the month on Oct 17 at Grace. I will talk more about the ministry and answer questions at that time as well as on this website. Bob Schell