Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jay and Lori Quirk Serving With Christar

Christar workers in North America focus their ministry on reaching first-generation immigrants and refugees from Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and other Asian backgrounds by using their mother tongues. These first-generation people are the ones most “unreached” by North American churches because of cultural and linguistic barriers.
Outreach is concentrated in areas where there are significant pockets of these people. Presently, there are Christar missionaries in the greater New York City area, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, the greater Washington D.C. area, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, and Lincoln, NE, as well as in Hamilton and Calgary in Canada, ministering to the people of India, Iran, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Kurdistan and other parts of the Arab world. More workers are needed to minister among least-reached people groups in these cities as well as in many other cities and metropolitan areas in North America. Jay is the proud son of our own Pat and Rose Marie Quirk.

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