Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luke & Gretchen Raughley - Serving in the inner city of Fresno

Luke and Gretchen heard about World Impact when they were students at Penn State. World Impact ministers God's love to the inner city of America by empowering the urban poor with Christian character, academic excellence, and self confidence. Churches are planted and the gospel reaches the unchurched, developing disciples and leaders to advance the kingdom of God.

Luke had felt called in high school to minister in the city but ran the other way. Gretchen also had to pray about it quite a bit before feeling like this is something that God wanted. But in 1988, they joined World Impact's Chester, Pennsylvania minsitry and moved to the Fresno location in 2000. In 2005, Luke became Fresno's City Director. In this role, Luke leads the staff and is also involved with and adult home fellowship. Gretchen enjoys time with their children, Elizabeth, Caleb and Emma. She home schools Caleb and Emma. She also takes part in woman's ministry and home fellowship.

What do they think some of the highlights of serving with World Impact? "Where else can you be jumped over by a skateboard, worship, pretend to be a blind catepillar, hear four different languages, talk about how God's church is for everyone and see teens leading their peers?"

To learn more about World Impact, go to or Contact Luke at

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